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Remember that time you had to make a presentation and it was really easy and it took less time than you expected and it came out looking awesome?

neither do we.

We've all been there: Your presentation is at 9am tomorrow morning, but instead of rehearsing you’re up at midnight drawing circles and lining up arrows. This can’t be the best way to build a presentation, but until now it’s all we’ve had.

we're presentation people.

The Beautiful.AI team has spent decades working on other people’s presentations—writing them, designing them, and building software to make them. During that time, we’ve watched way too many people bang their heads against the wall trying to turn ideas into visual presentations. And so we decided to do something about it.

We think there’s a better way.

We believe that the only way to guarantee good presentation design is to build the intelligence of a designer directly into the tool. Our first product suggests ways to visualize your ideas and makes it incredibly easy to customize the design. It knows what’s on your slide, what you might add later, and how to adjust the layout when you do. (And we’d like to think it has pretty good taste, too.)

We’re just getting started.

We are constantly working to make Beautiful.AI better—adding more templates and design options, improving our recommendations, and making it even easier for you to do beautiful work. Whatever it takes to help you inspire more people, close more deals, win more pitches, and get more sleep.

the Beautiful.ai TEAM

Mitch Grasso
CEO & Founder

I was the Founder and CEO of SlideRocket, the first presentation software that let you collaborate with teammates. That was cool. This is cooler.

Lou Giacalone, Jr.

I’ve been an executive, founder, independent consultant, and keynote speaker—so I’ve built every kind of presentation under the sun.

Todd Espiritu Santo

I head up engineering here at Beautiful.AI. FUN FACT: Every test presentation I make in the product is exclusively about cats.

Diana Bitting

I'm thrilled to be part of the Beautiful team doing what I love to do: Transforming companies into brands. It's what gets me out of bed every morning; working collaboratively and passionately to define and refine how a company is perceived by the public. As a marketing director, I then get to combine that brand narrative and visual identity with a go to market strategy — deciding how to tell the story of the product to people all over the country (and sometimes, world) in engaging, innovative ways. Personally, I moved around a ton growing up, and learned to observe new environments all the time. This gave me a deep appreciation for psychology and why particular brands resonate with their audience versus others. When I'm not brainstorming content ideas, I'm either redecorating my house for the 15th time, practicing yoga, or cuddling up with my two kiddos on the couch for story time.

Deepali Agarwal
Director of Quality

I have overall 11+ years of experience in QA and love to automate stuff! My aim has always been to make the product as high quality as possible and I always like to think from the customer’s point of view. I am originally from India but came to US in 2010 for Masters and since then settled here. I love music, movies, reading and cooking!

Ben Janik

I’ve spent most of my career building tools to help people visualize data. Confession: I never made a presentation before I joined Beautiful.AI.

Fatima Sbeih
Customer Success

My job is to make sure every experience you have with our product is a great one. If you find a bug before I do, I might just buy you a cup of coffee.

Adam Boostani

Not getting the right visual quality, I've always resorted to different design tools to create my presentations. As a UI engineer at Beautiful.AI, I’m helping to fix that problem for everybody.

Kahrer Molvig

I've designed every single icon in our image library. If there's one you can't find, shoot me a note and I'll draw it up for you.

Aswin Prakash

I'm an engineer here. I enjoy building BEAUTIFUL stuff for you guys to try out! Haha get it?? Yeah I'm cool.

Claire Hudes

When I'm not managing our social media channels and communities, I compose content that you get in your inbox or see on our blog. My favorite Beautiful.AI palette will always be Mai Tai.

Danayit Rufael
Exec Admin/Office Mgr

My goal at Beautiful.AI is to make sure everyone feels comfortable in the roles they play and that their daily transitions are as smooth as possible. I've lived in Saudi Arabia, India and Eritrea, my country of origin. With a multi-cultural background, I've experienced working with people from different walks of life. It has given me an appreciation and respect for all cultures, because of the likenesses and differences we all share.

Ken Gracia
Customer Success

I'm the main point of contact for any customer related issues here at Beautiful.AI. When things get ugly, my expertise is to help make it beautiful. If you ever find yourself in this situation, don't be afraid to drop me a chat or email.

442 Shotwell St, San francisco

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